Mad Fat Diary.

“The doctors looked at my legs and said: “Didn’t it hurt? Didn’t it hurt so much when you were doing it that it burned to breathe?” At least they remind me that I survived”

To those who haven’t watched ‘Mad Fat Diary’ I couldn’t recommend anything half as much. It’s so easy to associate with Rae. I admire how it deals with the nitty-gritty aspects of mental health issues and in no way glamorizes any of these experiences. Mad Fat Diary, not only promotes awareness of binge eating, self harm, depression and OCD but also make teens and young people feel less alone when it comes to feeling social awkward, worrying about body image, family difficulties and everyday pressures. 

“Rae has issues but it’s not just her. It’s not just a programme about bigger girls. It’s about women and men, anyone else having issues fitting into society and not thinking they’re normal. What’s normal?”

I know many people who have experienced these issues, especially self harm and addiction to its motions. This scene brought me to tears. It features Rae finally take the plunge at a pool party with other teenagers only to get stuck on the slide, clearly exposing her scarred legs. Self harm is no laughing matter and this was so sensitively addressed by E4, but at the same time demonstrated the pain of the moment for her, the realness of her issues and how you can be accepted regardless of who you’ve been. The actress herself has had many issues with self harm and lost a close friend after she’d found out she’d got the role. Not only this but the story line is almost 100% autobiographical, based on a diary of real a teenage girl. 

I just find it so real, so honest and such a beautiful programme. I know it’s helped me to understand myself further and realize ‘Hey, no one is alone in this!’

This isn’t a status written out of depression, or low mood related. This show just really deserves a massive amount of praise and promotion.




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